Maya R Buch MD, MRCP, PhD

Maya Buch recently took up a new position as Professor of Rheumatology and Director of Experimental Medicine at the University of Manchester having moved from the University of Leeds where she retains a visiting Professor position. She has established a translational and experimental research programme in rheumatoid arthritis and targeted therapies, and cardiovascular pathology in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. She directs a broad research portfolio spanning clinical trials and complex observational investigation to experimental studies; in order to inform optimal therapeutic strategies and identify clinical response predictors. She has additional clinical and research interests in the rare disease, scleroderma.

Maya has been involved in several European (EULAR) task force initiatives; was Abstract Chair for EULAR 2014 and Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee, EULAR 2015. She is Deputy Chair (Chair-elect) of the NIHR UK MSK Translational Research Collaboration; NIHR-BHF cardiovascular collaboration steering committee member (lead of CVD in IMID workstream). She sits on several grant committees, is section editor of Arthritis Research & Therapy, and sits on the editorial board of several journals.