If you have not yet registered for the RheumNow Live On Demand event, please select the Registration tab in the left column navigation. Upon completion of registration, you will be able to access the pre-learning video/pdf materials provided by each speaker. You will also be able to complete the pre-test and watch the On Demand Videos. If you are not able to see the downloads (Videos, PDFs, Power Points) for these items, please confirm that you are signed in or have completed the registration process.

Welcome to RheumNow Live On-Demand Access

In order to get maximum benefit of the on-demand event, it is recommended that you following the format below: access pre-learning materials, take the pre-test, consume the content and lastly take the post test. 


RheumNow Live uses a flipped classroom format. Most speakers provided instructional or background content for attendees prior to the meeting, in order to allow the live lecture to focus on essential takeaways, application of data or lessons learned. Visit Pre-Learning to watch speaker videos and access educational materials that will prepare for these speaker sessions. 

Complete the Pre-Test

Prior to engaging in the on-demand videos, please take the pre-test to test your knowledge of the subjects being covered. This is a 10-question evaluation, and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Take the pre-test.

Watch the On-Demand Videos

To watch On-Demand videos, click on On-Demand in the left-hand menu. There are two ways to watch videos: you can watch them by session, e.g., all speakers in a single session in a single video; or, you can watch each lecture individually, e.g., only one speaker in a single session.

Take the Post-Test/Evaluation

Once you've viewed the On-Demand videos, please complete this short post-test and meeting evaluation.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@rheumnow.com.